The truth has been in front of us all along. It’s wanted to come out. It’s begged to see the light of day. Yet, both the Right, and the Left, have ignored it. 244 years as a country, 229 as a republic, and our time has run out.

It’s time for the republic that is the United States of America to end.

From the failure of the Founders to abolish slavery, to our failure to stand up for not only ourselves but each other, America has always failed to thoroughly follow-through on any promise. We’ve heard about how “together” everyone was after 9/11, how we fought the true Fascists and stood-up to Communism. Yet, here we are. Fighting the same things. Singing the same songs. We’ve never done it together, so why should we continue to try?

There is no middle-ground. There aren’t any beliefs that we share with each other, no ideology that is the same, no morals that bind Americans as one. The Left wants to tell YOU how to think, how to vote, how to live, and ultimately how to die. The Right wants you to blindly follow them through the tunnels as you THINK you are believing something for yourself. The Right wants you to be your own hypocrite of your world. Compromise. Bend the knee to those who will grant you some access, but never all of it.

Just look around on social media. While, yes, generally the trash of our civilization, there is a lot of evidence for splitting America not only in half, but in fourths, that lives on social media. To point out a few:

  • There is absolute chaos under any tweet from the President.
  • Threats of violence towards the Right.
  • Inconsiderate and outright lunacy to the world around them on the Right.
  • Socialists are Democrats and Republicans continue to vote in new taxes and vehemently defend the police and military involvement in foreign affairs.

And now, on November 4, 2020, we somehow still haven’t declared a victor for the Presidency. Americans sat around all day watching as votes trickled in, to suddenly watching votes blow up and declare VP Biden the electoral winner. I don’t believe Biden has any idea what’s going on behind the scenes, but we all know this isn’t his election anyways. It’s Kamala’s. It was hers since the beginning, and Americans have no reason to stand and let them rob us of our voices.

With tyrannical dissonance and the-powers-that be on their side, there is no reason for us to be one. Or two. Or even three. The world’s greatest experiment has finally fallen into the hands of the elite and the rich. Our Founding Fathers knew this day could come, but they believed the people would be keen enough to stop it. How wrong they were.

Any mention of the “deep-state” or finding holes in truths almost automatically defines someone as a conspiracy theorist in today’s world. Why? How have observations, research, and obvious lies instantly become conspiracies in a country who’s first law is the freedom of speech? It’s for reasons like today. It’s to distract from lies and numbers and to defraud the truth.

In just one day, we’ve watched Detroit hide behind walls to count votes. Philadelphia report 100% of votes for Biden. We’ve watched a “landslide” turn into a Trump victory back into a slim race that will be decided by only a few hundred thousand. How can this country survive any more days, let alone years of this? George Washington warned us of the dangers of political parties. 220 years later we are living those careful words.

How have we allowed these asinine elitists to take over our nation? It didn’t just happen in the last 4 years, or 12, or even 20. There is something deeper. Something that has calculated exactly how to tear a nation apart in an attempt to build a new one. We can’t be the ones to wait for that to happen. The time to rebuild and re-think are long gone. It’s time for action, and it’s time to accept that when votes no longer dictate an election or express our voices, more drastic measures from either side is inevitable.

May the Gadsden Fly Forever.