Bend the Knee and Worship the Grounds they Walk

The Golden Globes are Sunday (not that anyone should give a fuck) and I’ve seen the celebrities kissing ass and trying to one-up each other all week. Madonna, the Queen herself, claims to be the victim of sexism and the patriarchy despite being worth $850 MILLION DOLLARS.

Let’s rewind below:

$850 M I L L I O N!!!!!!

Incredible. I couldn’t dream this up if I wanted to. Just when I think these lunatics can’t get anymore insane they turn it up a notch. I get on Twitter this morning to see what else the Left has thrown into our modern purgatory and long and behold there is Julia Roberts “awarding” our savior Fauci himself the courage (?) award. How nice is that? Once again, the rich laugh and tell us how to live and to be like them (I’ll be going on a rant in Episode 2 of the Whiskey Rebellion about the elites so stay tuned). That’s the least they can do for people like me and you: give us advice on how to live.

Let’s get one thing straight: If you are a celebrity worshipper you will always be disappointed in the result. This goes for the Left AND the Right. I don’t understand the Right’s obsession with celebrities who think like them. An elitist says something about hard work and loving God and every Right-wing website on the internet starts drooling and losing their minds. I mean, who the hell honestly cares?? We aren’t alive to listen to the words of man and eat them up–we’re alive for our trial to God and pour ourselves over His word. The Right needs to wake up and not bend the same knee the Left does.

Granted most of these demons are Leftists, loving and worshipping each other every chance they can. They love it. They love laughing and living together, making us inferior and living on top of their mountain in their nation-state that is California. There is such an arrogance amongst the elites–how is it any different than royalties and monarchies of old? It’s not. They vote for each other, endorse each other, give each other awards… It’s the same-old, same-old.

Think about this. Seriously. Why do we care? Most of those in Hollywood and in the music industry are self-loving, rich bastards who want nothing more than to push their bull shit onto us so they can live large. Why are the wealthy always about big taxes? They can afford it. Why do they think the common man shouldn’t have guns? So that they “feel” safer surrounded by their own. You see the pattern? I know I always do.

Especially these fucking A-list celebrities. These people shove everything onto us now. They can’t keep politically correct, asinine insanity out of ANYTHING. Every show, commercial, movie, song, magazine, etc. etc. etc. displays and demonstrates some sort of message that middle-America supposedly needs to accept or we are going to their Hell with their Lucifer (aka Chrissy Teigen). They mocked us for voting for Trump, they mock us for not wearing masks, they mock us for not being wealthy, and they will always mock us for not being them.

As a society we have to turn away from these people, from entertainment. We have to support small-scale productions and remember where we come from. We have to ignore those who disagree with us and ignore those who (kind of) agree, too. The more attention they get, the more powerful they become.

Their utopia is underway and it is growing stronger day by day. The more we feed into it, the more control we relinquish over to all of them. Be with your family. Light a fire with the neighbors. Shoot the shit with the bartender. The more we entertain and enjoy each other, the less anything that comes out of Hollywood can control us.

Strap up and keep up the good fight. May the Gadsden Fly Forever.