One World Order

I hope everyone is digging for truth and reflection on this Holy Saturday. For myself, Holy Week is a time of incredible emotion, as my spirit fights to mold with the Holy Ghost more and more every year. In 2021 it’s no different.

Yet, as we take time between mourning and celebration, it’s impossible for me not to reflect on our efforts at The Gadsden Press and 1794 Studios. Yes we’re explicit, yes we have little regard for the opinions of our opposition, and yes we have hot-takes that can light the sun on fire. But that’s who we are as believers, people, and a team. I’ll never ask anyone to change. The Gadsden Press must lead the way and we need to bring the noise everywhere we can.

I ask you to consider the consequences of not fighting the system, if everyone just stands down and follows the leader. We’re all ready watching an experiment with 320 million test subjects continue before our very eyes. The Corona virus has not only disrupted the battle for economical success in our country, but the battle for the truth and for unity. The battle isn’t between Republicans or Democrats anymore. It’s not between Conservatives and Leftists, not even right versus wrong. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the battle for America, and really the world for that matter, is the eternal war between Heaven and Hell. God and Satan. Jesus and Lucifer. There is no better time to evaluate this than Easter weekend.

Searching For The Truth

Think about this: We are in the End Times. We have been since the conclusion of Jesus’ final 40 days. When the signs of the times are before us, they aren’t imminent threats. They’re warnings, reminders. Reminders that one day those signs will no longer be there, that one day we can be in Paradise. That one day our world will be consumed by the Rapture and we will witness the final story of man.

I write about this for context when we look at history (and more importantly, America’s history). The freedoms death have paid for once represented the freedoms God had always intended for us. From the signing of the Constitution to the Jekyll Island Meeting, the United States withstood a civil war and set the pace for the country’s inevitable five millennia transformation, as eloquently demonstrated by W. Cleon Skousen in his book titled just that: The 5,000 Year Leap. Skousen argues throughout his book that America was saved from the evils of Europe and Asia to be the home of an oasis that would lead the world into a new era of humanity. He says that the land itself was a gift to the people, and that its choice to begin its own country was only a cherry on top. That because of all of these happenings forming into one, the United States was able to advance humanity by several millennia’s: hence, a 5,000 year leap.

The relevance is simple: The potential that America was left as an opportunity to the world to experiment and build a place that was free and open for man to grow and build and worship is a fair assessment. God left his children a relatively un-touched world full of everything they’d need and then some.

The problem that Skousen and so many on the Right miss in this belief is that the first test was integration with the native people. Just as the Jews had always failed to live amongst those different than themselves, so did the colonists. Sure, massive language barriers, cultural, and biological differences existed, but through God, all things are possible

Into The Ground

Between President Trump and Jekyll’s Island are two world wars, millions murdered in the name of government, nuclear ultimatums, a “moon landing” (we’ll dive into that one some other time) and the rise of more technology than mankind has ever created combined. Packed into these 106 specific years is the rise of Communism, strategic deception, and domestic surveillance. The country that was once the leader of freedom has slowly transformed into the oppressor, telling us to obey or risk the consequences.

They’ll tell you that you’re crazy for questioning “science”, for questioning their “authority”, yet tell us that we should question our neighbors and our God every step of the way. That things we read online need to be fact-checked by them, that they need to approve what we put in our bodies, what we buy, what we sell, who we sell to, when we can worship, that our kids need to hear about every culture… It is so, so difficult to keep standing-by.

And that’s why we have to fight. Why we have to find our followers in a new generation. Jesus tells us to “give to Caesar what is his and to God what is God’s”, but if we don’t build the wall and sink the Left to the bottom of the sea we will have very little to give to God other than ourselves. Sure, this is all he asks for, but he wants us to live a fulfilled life. The more oppression governments around the globe place onto their people, the more bs all of our lives are forced to be filled with, the less and less we can find and navigate our way back to the Father and the Son. This has always been the way of Satan, of those without fulfilled full hearts among us: Distract us and fill us with so much filth that God can’t find our hearts.

To think that we are not getting closer to the end times is to ignore everything around us, especially as the enemy reveals themselves to us more and more each day. Masks are nothing more than to test our obedience to our patriarchs, to our new lords. Hollywood is where our teachers reside and do their preaching. The coasts are the promised-land, the South is for nothing but our savior’s vacation, and between it all sits the un-educated, hostile lands of the Midwesterners. Where, while they built the country and its systems, it needs to die; so, they rust the factories and want to build public transportation so the people from the holy lands can visit their subjects.

I wish I was wrong and I wish more people knew that I was right. As my heart and spirit have been transforming I’ve been trying to figure out how I’ll bring more people with me, with us here at The Gadsden Press. Publius and I touched on some of my changes of heart on Episode 7 of the Whiskey Rebellion. I highly, highly suggest you check-out our special Good Friday recording. A lot of our goals, plans, and who we are get revealed. As we continue on this journey in 2021 I’ll say once more what I’ve said all year: We can’t do this alone. The arrows of the enemy are strong and only getting stronger. While the end-times are upon us, it’s our job at The Gadsden Press to be our brother’s keeper and find salvation any way we can. This Holy Saturday, may your heart be strong and may you remember (as I have to remind myself every day): People want to believe, they want to be free; they just don’t know how.

May the Gadsden Fly Forever.