Keeping the Status Quo

We left off a month ago discussing the history and realities of mass surveillance in the United States. You probably read it, got scared for 36 hours, and then went back to normal, right? I thought so. The government knows so. Big business plans on you doing so. It’s really that simple for them.

The question in Part II of Liberty Or Death is singular, but the answer is plural: Why does big tech and big brother want to spy and keep all of our data in the first place? To answer such a question takes more than facts, as we have to follow the trail, mildly discussing things we have discussed together before.

Back in November I wrote Hatred Of The Voices, where I penned a conversation about the Left’s dire disdain for anything different than themselves. It’s really that simple at the core of a lot of answers. The internet and big tech don’t follow the philosophies they preach: They own the narrative. But why? Why own the narrative for an entire nation or even entire planet? Like I said, we’ve gone through all of this more than enough times by now.

So let’s look specifically at big tech and big brother together. Data mining, storing, sharing: They’re all simply distractions for the possibilities at-play with our data. So, put yourself in this mindset as we plant for take-off: You’re a young blogger trying to make a difference in the world. You’ve got a laptop, a phone, and two decades of information stored somewhere in the United States. Why should you be worried? Because you just can’t keep your mouth shut.

In Your Corner

Revolutions begin in the darkest time of the night, never in the brightest. Take the Revolution War for example. A group of men saw the oppression and inability to govern amongst themselves and seized the opportunity. They met in the taverns over a pitcher of beer, discussing the possibility of moving arms at a moment’s notice. When should they fire? Would everyone be onboard? These were questions most notably at-stake during the time. One small group of men moving against an empire would be crushed, buried and forgotten with history. BUT, if they could rally the masses, pull the people together for the cause, maybe have a little luck…

Jump to today, 245+ years after the world’s most important rebellion. Now image gathering inside of a bar with like-minded people, discussing the possibility of revolution, moving arms, gathering people… All the while your phone is listening to every piece of information, your location is gathered with these like-minded people, and when they back-track where these conversations began, it was the corner bar at the end of town. Your location and timestamps say so.

Don’t think it’s that easy? Remember what we discussed in Part I: Smartphones don’t have a removable battery. Convenient? At times. Safe from the water? No doubt. Purposeful? Without question (you mean to tell me that none of these phones anymore have removable batteries? That it’s not a coincidence?). So, while you and your crew say that you’ve turned off your phones, are they ever really off? Oh, you left the phones in the car, knowing they couldn’t pick-up your voice through so many obstacles? Well, when you are tied to “domestic terrorism” and they start scrubbing the web for your name, voice, and fingernails and they pick-up your voice over a stranger’s phone call, dial up your location, track your co-conspirators, and throw you away anyways, you’ll finally understand why there is no way to run from mass surveillance.

Our lives barely belong to ourselves anymore. Take Amazon as an example for a second: Their tracking cookies actually live in your computer for 48 hours. You know all of the disclaimers across the web now, warning you of tracking cookies on their site? This is exactly a result of that. But, guess what? If you won’t agree to use the site’s tracking cookies, they can give you limited access to the site and what you’re looking for. Why do corporations and business have the protection of the government on their side? Simple: These processes help these companies generate massive revenues and they kick-back those revenues to the politicians who made sure they would keep making all the money (FYI @ Lincoln Project, this is what we call FACISM).

Subjects to Man

I may be good at getting the people fired up and tired of the system now, but you’ve got to remember that it’s their world and we’re just living in it. Storing our data is the easiest way to guarantee their insurance over us. It’s the easiest way to keep us in-check. This is why there is no damn way January 6th wasn’t known about beforehand. There’s no way it wasn’t let to happen. Sure, an idle passerby talking to their friends about overthrowing the government isn’t going to raise any alarms, but when the big brother sentiment analysis algorithms coincide with movement towards Washington DC, there is absolutely no chance in hell that the feds aren’t alerted. Everything we see is simply an illusion to the matter-of-facts.

So why does the government want to keep our data at the ready? To keep us accountable to them. To the big government people, the Republicans, Leftists, if they can attempt to guarantee safety and guarantee their utopia, then the more and more liberty their subjects will give up. The less and less their subjects will object. January 6th was a test, hell, Covid is the test, but now they know that the country is ready to give up their lives in the name of their objectives.

Understanding how they do it is important, but understanding why is even more vital. The final part of our quest will be to figure out what we do about it? There are the obvious, there are the bold, and then there are the point of no return. How do we fight against the most tyrannical government in the history of man? Sometimes the answer isn’t what the people want to hear, but what they need to hear. Sometimes, fire has to be fought with fire.

When the dust is settled and the cameras and turned all the way on, can the Gadsden fly forever?