God Bless America Do I Hate The System

My take? There is no democracy anymore, and people who claim that Americans are destroying their own democracy are frauds. The word democracy itself has deteriorated over the years and is misconstrued by gullible sheep that think a democracy is what we are now living under in these united states of America. The majority of elected officials do not represent their own people anymore, even as they proclaim to have their best interests at heart. No. The American government is now about power and that is what most of these officials have come to recognize and seek to control. They now realize and seize the opportunity to work themselves up the ladder of government and submit to special interests and lobbyists instead of the general interest of the people that elected them.

An American Dilemma

First and foremost, fuck the government. The government has no right to tell anyone what they think their best interest is in any matter. Unfortunately in this tech age, where people are glued to their phone, the masses will believe most of what they hear without question because they believe their interests align with what they see on their social media timelines. They don’t realize that the free market has changed because social media has changed it for you. Every phone and laptop you log into you are being tracked (read Parts I and II of the Chief’s Liberty Or Death, where he is currently detailing these very statements), and I don’t mean physically. I mean what grabs your attention is being tracked and is data logged by the social media site and ultimately the government. For specific reference, I am thinking of the Netflix documentary called The Social Dilemma which is about isolating every specific user into thinking that what they believe to be true is in fact true. It’s not about the actual truth, it’s about polarizing people into their own little bubble and making people think that anyone who thinks differently outside of their own bubble is ipso facto falso. People begin to believe their “own truths” even when they are based on lies and they will call you a bigot or suppression-ist if you disagree with them. This is the problem that lays in the depths of America right now.

America was the first and now is the last free-thinking country in the world. That is why the elites are most threatened by Americans, and yes I say elites because there is a bigger agenda that goes beyond any country’s government and its own elected officials. Americans own somewhat over 60% of the world’s guns with its free and law-abiding citizens. The fear from the elitists is that we won’t go quietly, and I won’t lie: Their fear is substantiated. This country was founded and declared by people who opposed government rule and wanted to fuck the system (I see you Whiskey Rebellion). How did they do that? They shot those British Redcoat dickheads right in the fucking face and said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” What Americans did leading up to our independence in 1776 has not been forgotten by the common man or by the elites. It wasn’t the constitution that saved us: It was the Patriots that stood up to the elite government and fought their way to freedom by overthrowing the crown. That day may soon come to pass again.

Read Before You Think

The time will be coming again where people will have to stand up and fight for what they believe. The biggest problem that we face as a people of the world is that we value comfortability. We crave it.  There is nothing better than taking a load off and avoiding any and all problems that we face because hey, that’s easier, right? Fuck that. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! It may not be happening to you personally now, but there will come a time soon enough where you will have to make a choice: Either stand up and fight or conform and fall into line. Conforming is the easy way out, sitting at home, scrolling through your phone, turning on the TV and watching mindless television while moves are being made without your knowing that will soon affect you. Facing the ugly truth and preparing for it is the opposite. Don’t let these corporations lull you into a false sense of reality that what you see on your news feed is what’s really happening in the world; always be questioning what’s going on behind those closed doors.

Like the headline says, our democracy is filled with hypocrisy. It’s a “do as I say not as I do” type of government. The government thinks you are not smart enough to think on your own so you should let them do the thinking for you. Fuck that. Do your own research. Formulate your own opinions and then stand by your own researched opinions. The way the world is going, they want us to believe that right is wrong and wrong is right, but you know the difference between right and wrong.  Don’t be bullied by social agendas that make you question what is the actual truth and what is misconstrued by the general public who think their personal pleasure is what is right and socially acceptable. Today’s government will always sway to whatever “political” issue they think the general public will side with. Remember that there is a big difference between the internet and real life. Don’t get persuaded into false truths.  Most Americans think the same way you do, but most people don’t waste their time getting into internet fights with transgenders and do-gooders that think they represent what is right in the world. Always stand firm in your beliefs and above all, the truth.

May the Gadsden Fly Forever.