The Right and Its Love For the System

It’s not that hard of a concept to explain nor understand: It’s not possible to support the current law-enforcement processes and the Second Amendment at the same time. You have to pick: Do you believe in the unlimited right to defend yourself, or do you believe in compliance above all? NWA tried to tell the white, conservative community that the system was oppressing them and no one would listen. It fires me up to think about the fact we live amongst so many robots.

Now we’re at the end of the George Floyd-Derek Chauvin trial, awaiting a bomb of gasoline on an all ready blazing fire. Consider the facts of the case and it’s plain and simple to see this wasn’t about racism (a fact those on the Left will die refuting). The Left swooped-in and stole the narrative from the instant it happened, a specialty of theirs. Arming their blind-faith followers, the Left lit the match and we’ve lived in chaos ever since. Some moments in history will always be in-question. George Floyd’s death was one.

It also gets tougher and tougher for the Left to defend their blatant lies to the public. Just last week, the Russian Bountygate was blown to hell as the intelligence fell apart and the Pentagon reported that the story wasn’t true. How do people not see that the media and the government is the enemy of the people? Look at the George Floyd murder alone. There is nothing more obvious in history than this case and how it has been handled by both sides of the aisle. I’m not here to review this case, though. I’m here to tell everyone on the Right to wake up and think for yourself. Quit being fucking robots.

If you can’t handle your inner-turmoil, go ahead and click exit. Conservatives are as much a part of the system as Leftists: They’re just following a different path. Both party’s are voting for each other in the end, and unless the Right is willing to re-think their views and stand firm in their beliefs, absolutely nothing is going to change.

Hiding Behind The Power

The Right’s narrative, as it always is when the state murders a citizen, was that of compliance. I remember reading things like, “He was resisting arrest, what was Chauvin supposed to do?” and, “Floyd was on drugs and a big guy.” and even, “The amount of drugs in his system killed him!”

What exactly was George Floyd supposed to do? Tell me exactly why he deserved to die at the hands of the state and a power-hungry cop? So, because a citizen has a badge they are permitted to have absolute power over the people? Hell no. Just last week the state once again murdered a young black man in Mr. Duante Washington. The officer “thought” she had drawn her taser, but had drawn her handgun, fatally shooting Washington at near point-blank. What the fuck was Washington supposed to do??? I don’t care about your arguments surrounding warrants, previous trials, and the like. The state has absolutely no reason nor right to slaughter the citizens that employ them.

Think about the hypocrisy and dilemma those on the Right deal with in these two cases. On one hand, they want all citizens to be armed, on the other, they want all citizens to comply with the police, no matter the circumstances. You shouldn’t ever point a gun at a cop, you shouldn’t ever say anything to defend yourself, and you especially shouldn’t do either if you’re black, because “racism does exist” and you never know who you’re running into. Bootlickers will do anything to keep the support of those they think they side with.

Now look at the Second Amendment. What if the colonists complied and let the British take more and more control of them? The Revolutionary War wasn’t about a “national pride”; it was, as Vic explained last week, about “[shooting] those British Redcoat dickheads right in the fucking face.” Do you have the balls to do it? We both know the answer. You claim to be a patriot and a freedom-loving American, but you’re more oppressed than the Colonists of 1775 can even imagine. If the Founding Fathers could see the state of the people today, they would be in stunned disbelief at their supporter’s unwillingness to fight. You think that the police are going to defend you? Don’t ever forget how many men across all of history have just been “following orders…”

The NRA is a perfect example. The clown show that is the National Rifle Association (read about the almighty NRA’s walk back on bumpstocks here) is nothing but a group of white, power-hungry elites who are more than happy to bend the knee. 400 million “registered” rifles in the US and the NRA has 5 million members? Feed the machine their money and they’ll do anything the powers-that-be tell them to, much like their Conservative supporters.

Buy Guns. Buy Ammo. Fuck The System.

To all black Americans: Buy guns and ammo. I have repeatedly explained my stance and understanding of the black American experience on The Gadsden Press and Whiskey Rebellion. The Right will make you comply and the Left will continue to tear us apart. I want nothing more than for us to walk side-by-side with ARs around our necks and handguns on our hips as we walk to the neighborhood cookout, joking about each other’s stereotypes and enjoying each other’s company all the same.

My stance on the Second Amendment is absolute: If someone points a gun at you, you have the right to point a gun at them. No cop has the right to murder you. Now, if you’re going to fire a weapon at a police officer… the officer has the right to defend themselves, too. Don’t mistake your rights for the end of someone else’s: You are no more deserving of liberty than everyone else.

And this is why the divide is so great, why it’s so large. The Right’s obsession with rules and safety is possibly worse than those on the Left. Growing up I wouldn’t have ever thought that: Becoming as radical as I have it makes it all too obvious.

My stance on George Floyd is that the state murdered him and he shouldn’t have even been in the custody of police in the first place. Chauvin had no reason nor right to kneel on his neck for nine-plus minutes. Chauvin had a history of aggression and the police-state that we live in has directly resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans over the years. Whether it be a big city or Anytown-USA, police in this country have far too many rights and way too much power. It’s a true, dire shame that the Left and BLM hijacked Floyd’s death to out a president and further divide the country, but there is still time to resist the system. The Right needs to accept their faults and the Left needs to listen to someone other than their patriarchs. We don’t need to agree politically; we just need to join together long enough to topple the powers that be.

May the Gadsden fly forever.