Unlimited Power

There is only one clear happening so far in 2021: The system, the swamp, and the cabal are alive and well. Never have they enjoyed such freedom, such unlimited power. After circling their prey for four years they are more alive than ever, itching to put the people back in their place. Who the hell did they think they were, voting for an egotistic mad-man, attacking their television and entertainment messengers, and ignoring their directions to hide in their homes? These Right-wing, evangelical, delusional Magats needed to live a fate worse than death: They needed to live in their own Hell on Earth for standing against the masters of their domain.

It’s not just Hollywood (as I’ve said before), and it sure as hell isn’t just the government: It’s big business, it’s old and new money, pastors, doctors, your next door neighbor, and (whether you like to admit it or not) the current Republican Party. That’s right. The ones you vote for because of the “better of two evils”? You think they’re going to give you the shirt off their back? No. They, along with all the bootlickers like them, are going to tell you to get in line like everyone else while they watch the Democrats take the rest of your belongings in the name of fairness. The GOP died the day that they elected Ronald Reagan the 40th President of the United States. You disagree? Good. I’d hate it if you didn’t.

Falling In Line

There is little evidence to support the contrary: President Joe Biden is a Chinese puppet. Consider this: Almost 1.4 billion people live inside of the Chinese border, more than four-times the number of people in the United States. That’s an astounding realization, especially when the Left constantly preaches that there are too many people in this country. Nonetheless, that’d be a tough fight for any country on Earth to defend against. You’re probably asking yourself about now, “Benevolus, what the fuck are you talking about? What’s the point? How does this tie into anything?” The point is that throughout history any attempt at a “New World Order” has always, always failed because the people have always been too strong and their will too resilient.

As I’ve also previously discussed, the internet is a tool that has both fueled the resistance to these stop these devious efforts, and ultimately helped them along. Today, it’s virtually impossible to see anyone not looking at a smartphone, a tablet, laptop, you name it. Everything we do is online. As I’ve also written, the cabal loves this. They salivate over it. They encourage it. Get everyone internet access, get everyone tech, and get everyone on social media. Humans have always left a trail of their comings and goings: Now we leave a permanent record.

This permanent record is of value to no one more than China. Look up “Chinese hacks USA” and I shit you not you’ll find thousands of articles (I’m linking one–you can sift through them yourself if you don’t believe me). They hack our medical data, phone records, banking information, you name it, they’ve hacked it. They have, no joke, an army of hackers, constantly pinging and looking for ways into our lives. Sure, they go for the big stuff, and that has to stay in the news to keep up appearances, but no one actually does anything about it, do they? The CCP is all but off-limits to the US media and government. No one goes after them. Not Rachel Maddow. Not Jake Tapper. Not Joe Biden. Not Lebron James. They are silent when it comes to criticism of the Chinese. But why? Why do they ignore the obvious? Because if anyone wants to go after them, they will suffer the consequences. They will be exposed, and the dirty secrets that we all live with will be out for everyone to see.

China is the best opportunity for the cabal to finish the job. Just six years ago they abandoned their population control/child-bearing law, opting to allow all citizens to have as many children as they’d like. They claim it’s to combat both a male dominant society and old, dying population, but this is a country that has seen nothing but golden opportunity and unstoppable success for two straight decades. Dig back into your history book and remember why WWII ultimately happened. The world needed 18 years to rebuild their most important weapon: humans. Without a large military to threaten the world and enough technicians to keep it in check, how else can the cabal overrun the people?

The perfect storm had formed for the elites as their lord and savior Barack H. Obama was leaving a flawless legacy and our Queen Hillary was set to provide 16 guaranteed years of retraining. That was, until the cabal’s greatest enemy awoke under their own guise: The American people.

Join Or Die

It’s fairly simple. Either join the fight or become the enemy. Americans decided to join and not die by trying to put a stop to the cabal’s efforts and stand for something, electing Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States. Nothing will ever be the same as a result. Obama lit the race war flames and the Left poured on the gasoline from 2017 on. The media has waged full-on war against the people. China coughed and spread a virus across the globe, locking everyone in their homes with their phones, cameras, and mics for all of the data gatherers and hackers to see.

Just when there was hope for a final blow to the cabal’s unruly force, they shut-down the vote counting and brought out the good stuff. Then, they did it again, flipping Georgia blue. Then, January 6th came and went and now we live in an insurrectionist, mask-wearing, non-menthol world, begging our masters for forgiveness just so we can have a drink in a bar. Our priorities, our country, our world, are in chaos while they laugh amongst the devil.

So what’s left for us now? How do we stop mass-surveillance, the CCP, the Left, and ultimately the New World Order from dominating our lives? I’ll be honest, when I started this series over six weeks ago, I thought I knew the answer, but now I’m not quite sure. I didn’t think that January 6th would continue to dominant headlines and I didn’t think that President Biden would do so much so quickly.

January 6th has somehow turned into the worst attack on the American democracy since the Civil War (Biden’s words, not mine–look it up) and anyone who disagrees with that is an insurrectionist and committing treason. It’s astonishing how much control the media has, especially in this instance. They’ve convinced a nation of so many lies that the lies now hold more bearing than the truth. The truth are the lies. It’s all fucking backwards and there’s not really a way to combat this and the United States government other than to do what must be done.

It’s time to take up arms, raise your voice, and prepare for a long period of bloodshed and sacrifice. That’s really the only thing that’s left. January 6th was nothing. It was so small and so pointless it’s a shame that it happened. We have to burn Washington DC to the ground, light the Constitution on fire, split everyone up to where they want to be, and move on our way. The divorce of America is long overdue, and Biden is doing nothing but fanning the flames. You need to not think of yourself as an American anymore, and instead identify yourself as a vigilant and resilient defender of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We must not rest rest until they acknowledge us. We must not rest until they fear us. We must not rest until they no longer can hear us, because, “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

We must not rest until the Gadsden flies forever.