Kneel or Die

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the government knows what’s best for you. They’ve known what’s best for you since before our maker Himself formed you. From the day you were born and until the day you die they can write your story better than anything you can write yourself. They know not only what you need to learn in school, they know how it should be taught; they know at what age you are officially mature enough to drink, drive, conceal a firearm; they even know what steps you should take to prevent contracting a virus. The US government is all-seeing, all-knowing, and all powerful. They know we are too stupid to make the right decisions for ourselves.

And now they know that menthol cigarettes are not something we should have access to.

Words cannot express how oppressing, asinine, and tyrannical of a move this is from the Harris Administration. In an era where there are calls for much less policing and freer laws around marijuana, Kamala wants to enforce something so insignificant. They believe menthol cigarettes are the gateway into smoking cigarettes, e-cigs, and marijuana and they need you to know that’s bad.

Now, let’s imagine this is something that goes into effect and is actually enforced. I’m curios, if you’re smoking, wherever it may be, does this not give probable cause for a police officer to investigate? Cops patrol and hamper neighborhoods with over-policing as it is, why would we introduce more opportunity for violent actions? Police in America already have too much power as it is. If you refuse to relinquish the cigarette and to obey the officer, then what happens? I think George Floyd would like the explain.

I’m not sure there are many times (if any) when this will happen, but why would we even want to have the possibility live in the stratosphere? Who the hell cares about someone’s choice to smoke, let alone smoke menthols? I don’t smoke. but I’ll be sure to stock up on some menthol heaters just to SPITE our all-knowing saviors from Washington.

Life’s too Short Not to Smoke

Joe believes they are doing this to save minorities. Now if you ask me, that’s blatantly and factually racist. Saying that we should remove cigarettes to save minorities means that you believe they can’t decide for and save themselves. Talk about systemic racism, I think Joe and Jill need some CRT lessons.

Imagine spending some time in prison for the use and distribution of menthols. I’m sure Kommyla (Kamala) would love to keep those she imprisoned in longer for smoking habits, too. The war on drugs is already out of control (thanks Ronald) and something like this is unnecessary for this country. I wonder if any of those crossing the border have menthols on them?

I don’t know how we have even come to a point that something like this is even discussed in the United States or how so many people are going to run with it. I don’t know the exact answer to stopping the seemingly never-ending onslaught of government tyranny, but I do know one thing for certain because Benevolus tells me every week on the Whiskey Rebellion.

Buy menthols. Buy Guns. Buy ammo. And fuck the system.

Let’s light them up and smoke ‘em out so we can fly the Gadsden fly forever.