Welcome Back

Governments and government agencies across the country have decreed that come June, vaccinated Americans are allowed to re-enter civilization. No more masks nor social distancing: The Coronavirus-19 has gone away! Enter for your chance to win millions, to go to sporting events, to enter both stores and restaurants without a facial covering to suffocate your freedom. Rip the masks off, hug your neighbor, and pack the bars; summer is here and it’s time to show everyone that we did it! We defeated the Right-wing conspiracies, President Trump (blah!), and rallied the troops to topple white-supremacy, all while fighting the worst pandemic in 100 years. Give yourself some applause: You’ve earned those flaring nostrils, that deep cough, and mask rash. Show the world what you’re made of while we kick-off Covid ending and the ever-wonderful PRIDE Month.

Get Your Vaccine and Get it Often

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to get the vaccine, by all means, get the vaccine! Much like the flu shot, there are far fewer negatives than positives: Keep your health in-check and your family and friends in order. Simple. I applaud anyone who chooses to get the vaccine, especially when it’s for selfless reasons.

But don’t get me wrong: Fuck that vaccine. To shove something down the throat of the American people has always required drastic measures, and now state governments are offering incentives to try and promote vaccinations. Why does it take potential monetary gain for people to finally get their shot(s)? Easy: We aren’t (all) the sheep they want us to be.

I do not view those among us who wanted the vaccine as sheep: You had a choice, you executed that choice, and you live with that choice. I don’t blame Americans for being afraid of Covid-19. The way the media and the elites waltzed around the lies, fear-mongering, and outright tyrannical narrative? I can see how so many lived and continue to live in a state of paranoia. BUT, that doesn’t take away from this: My rights don’t end where your fear begins.

Let’s get one thing straight here: I don’t give a fuck if you get the vaccine or if you don’t (not getting it is like the new hush-hush of voting for 45). Whatever you decide to do is 100% fine with me. Cough on me. Cover your mouth. Shake my hand. Give me a bump. Whichever is your pick is A-Okay with me. If you ask me if I got the vaccine though? If you shame me for not getting it? If you think I’m less of a human or less empathetic because I don’t have your vaccine? I’ve said it a thousand times on here now: Kiss my ass.

You know what will be most beautiful thing over the next few weeks and months, though? Not only those full stadiums and bars, but the dilemma faced by the lunatic Leftists: They will have to either shed their mask to show they’re vaccinated, or keep it on to make themselves feel as-if they’re demonstrating what the idiot conspiracy theorists should be doing. In essence, in either choice they make, someone will have the ability to assume their vaccine status (see what I did there?) It’s irony that gives me, and should give you, the most joy.

A Small Victory

I like to imagine Bill Gates in a confused trance trying to solve the equation that he had the answer to, dumbfounded how less than 50% of the country intends to get their “vaccine”. In-between phone calls ordering 10-year-old boys, Bill sips on his adrenochrome plotting his and his friends’ next “crisis”. He’ll send Melinda her billions and get the boys together in Beijing, laying the foundation for China’s (or rather America’s, or, really, the elites, but actually… Satan’s) continual takeover and transition to the New World Order.

I like to picture Komala and Jill exulting their feverish anger at the American people in-between Komala cackles and Jill checking Twitter to make sure everyone refers to her as “DOCTOR Biden”. With Joe asleep in the corner, Komala shrieks at who the real culprits are: Those bastard motherfuckers who love Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories while worshipping the devil himself: Donald J. Trump. The hatred is so loud that a phone call comes in from the Oval Office, where our lord and savior Barack Hussein (“don’t forget that part”, says President Trump) Obama is trying to write down Joe’s talking points for the next day.

Least we never forget how much they hate me, how much they despise you, and how dangerous they think we are when we say “us”. Rip your mask off, strap up, and put a smile on your face: Especially since we finally won a battle in this never-ending war.

May the Gadsden fly high, forever, and ever, and ever.