We at The Gadsden Press Encourage an Emboldened State

I always knew that someday the United States Government would be knocking on my door; I just didn’t think it would be in regards to a virus with over a 99% survival rate. A virus so deadly that you need a test to determine if you even have it.

I’m not trying to make light of the coronavirus today, it’s been done enough. Instead, I want to talk about the manufactured hysteria surrounding it. So much hysteria, that the Kommala Administration is going to be knocking door to door to “spread awareness” of the vaccine.

Here’s what I have to say to that: Come and Try It. Please come to my door and tell me about all the wonderous benefits of the vaccine. Tell me why you know more than me and what is better for me and my life. “I’m from the government and I know what’s best for you.” It’s something I’ve spoken and expelled upon time and time again, and will continue to press on.

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Here’s the thing, if you want to give me some information? Hang a flyer on my door. Send me an email. Hell, you can mail it to me, even if it’s no more use than fire starter (since USPS can be trusted with anything).

Here’s the other thing: If you want the vaccine? GO GET THE FUCKING VACCINE. If you want to wear a mask? WEAR A FUCKING MASK. These are not difficult concepts to grasp.

It’s clear and has been clear from the start of the vaccination process that some sort of list exists. “How can they keep a list?” the commies and bootlickers ask? Well, don’t be so obtuse. If they know your exact earnings and credit report, they can check a box Y/N regarding your vaccine status. If you’re still not convinced, I highly suggest you watch Snowden or read No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald. No, they’re not about the current terrorism out of the White House, but understanding the technological reach of the US Government and the NSA is vital to your transformation from lost political soul to anarchist ideologist.

There’s a frightening precedent that going door to door both confirms and sets. People choose not to get a vaccine that hasn’t been thoroughly researched and they are going to knock door to door? Over something so trivial? C’mon. What will come next then? Coming for guns? Coming for Christians?

I’m not sure when they’re going to come for us, but make no mistake: They will. I firmly believe that they will come to your door looking for more than just a vaccine passport, though. Maybe not this time, but what about when gun ownership is an epidemic? When your faith is a cancer? It seems like I repeat myself many times between writing for TGP and hosting the Whiskey Rebellion, but I truly believe every word that Benevolus and I have said for the past 20 weeks:

It’s always darkest before the dawn, and by the looks of it, it’s getting darker. At the end of it all, we have come out on top with the Gadsden flying strong, flying proud, and flying forever.