Dismantling an Empire

Despite what the modern world wants to believe, we will never stop working or struggling. From the dawn of time to the end of days, there will be chaos, there will be problems, and there will be death. To ignore so is to ignore reality; to focus on such a reality is torture.

It’s vital to remind yourself of these facts every single day, no matter for how long or how little you choose to do so. It’s especially important, though, to keep these facts in mind when ever news breaks or the world appears to be falling apart. You’ve heard me say as much a hundred times here at The Gadsden Press or the Whiskey Rebellion, and it’s become more and more evident everyday that I need to thoroughly explain our enemies and their plans.

I will be taking everyone on a four part series about how to kill America and prove that it is happening before our very eyes. I’ve wondered my entire life how the Communists would finally take-over this once great land, and since March 2020 they’ve been all but screaming it from the rooftops. In part one, we are going to focus on classical and modern Marxists alike, going “under the hood” of their beliefs and values. Just remember as you read what Publius and I have said repeatedly on the Whiskey Rebellion as of late: It’s not the obvious laws or statements that we the people need to be weary of, but rather the messages full of conditioning and soft rhetoric that have swayed three generations towards a complete utopian takeover.

BENE NOTES: I want to point out one thing before I lay all of this out: It is NOT illegal or wrong to be a Communist. In fact, I encourage classical Marxists to fight with us against the modern Marxists! While the majority of our audience is Conservative or Libertarian, don’t discount some of the ideas of classical Communism; there is no right or wrong way to do something, and the more we can sharpen our societal and political philosophies, the better off future generations can be.

Under the Hood of Marxism

To dismantle an empire with the size, demographics, and pure power of the U.S. takes more than blowhorns and scrappy activist groups in the streets; it takes generations of effort, accepting that you may never be the one that gets to see the final puzzle piece snapped into place. This is why it’s vital to understand the structure, goals, and tactics of the Marxist: As one generation dies, another generation is all but guaranteed to rise.

Figure 1

Communism at its core is the idea of a classless society. There is no upper, middle, or lower class: there is the working class. Within the societal structure of Marxism is the Economic Class and the Superstructure (as displayed in Figure 1). The Economic Class or “Base” is the majority of society (ie., available resources and the production or use of those resources). Within the Superstructure is where Marxism and society as a whole lean into politics, law, philosophy, religion, and the arts (ie., a liberal arts degree).

What’s interesting about the Marxist philosophy is that it doesn’t sound all that different than Capitalism. Some citizens excel in one field while others excel in another. You have as much a right to punch the clock for 40 hours a week building cars on an assembly line as I have to monetize my blog. We are each working (as work is the root of all things for both Communism and Capitalism) and we each can make a living doing as we please.

In fact, before we move on with our discussion, let’s go over the true definitions of some famous political philosophies:

Dictatorship (ie., Nazism, Islamic groups, etc.) Authoritarian, operates under the rule of an individual who controls the government, markets, and social aspects of a nation; individualism exists FOR the regime
CommunismCollective efforts create a “classless” society; all property is owned by the “people” (ie., the state); individualism exists FOR the state
SocialismOperates “under” Capitalism to redistribute wealth from top earners to the “middle/lower-class”; individualism exists in minimal doses
FascismOperates “under” Capitalism with corporations funding the government to advance political or authoritarian movements; the people work to “prop-up” corporations to then build the government
LibertarianismLimited, federal government with the “most” power resting with local governments; individualism; we will argue at TGP that this is the true intention of the Constitution
AnarchismOperates with extremely minimal or NO government; idea is that citizens within small territories support and defend each other; pure individualism
TGP Political Philosophy Analysis Chart

As you move from top to bottom, the theory is that individuals begin to “own” more of their own efforts and property. This is why Communism and Libertarianism cannot co-exist. To Libertarians and Anarchists, your efforts, work, and property are yours and only yours. Neither the state or society have authority over any of it, and if they try to take it from you, then you have the right to defend it however appropriate for the given scenario. Communism, at its core, believes that if everyone contributes to society as a whole everyone will equally benefit from the collective effort of others, therefore, nobody owns anything and both the state and society have the right to take it from you. Of course, the American Dream is so contradictory to the Communist agenda, that these two cannot co-exist, either.

Marxism believes that there is no right to property and that your allegiance is to the state, not to God or your family, but the state and your neighbor. This is why and how the U.S.S.R. convinced millions that imprisonment was vital to the future of the state: If you are no longer producing or bringing value to your comrades, you will be sent to prison to be re-educated and taught to work before you can rejoin society (this is why the true death-toll of the Soviet Union is still fairly unknown).

The next question you’re probably asking yourself is “Why?” Why go through such diversions and revolution to achieve something that may not be a guarantee? In my opinion, Communism is based off of just that: Diversions and no-guarantees.

Why the Left Adopted Communism

The idea of Communism itself isn’t a necessarily poor one. In fact, I’d argue that the original intent of God was something more along the lines of a Communist society. Yet, most modern Christians are going to be found voting for those on the Right; another interesting twist that we’ll get into later in the series.

When researching the father of Communism, it becomes apparent that Karl Marx was both brilliant and immature; he was and is the Left’s Walmart Benjamin Franklin. A man was hellbent on being a well-rounded intellectual and leaving his mark on history, he published his infamous Communist Manifesto in Germany in 1848. As someone who had failed to publish literature and poetry, Marx blamed the libertarians and viewed the arts as a “pay-to-play” scheme orchestrated by elites. He also blames work and capitalism as the reasons for his failure in the arts, and the reason that he wasn’t able to spend more time to perfect his craft.

This all sounds… amazingly familiar. The Left’s obsession with liberal arts and the sheer number of modern Leftists that attend school for a bachelor of arts has to be more than a coincidence. Begging for free college and complaining about failure to complete their studies because of the might of capitalism and not being able to afford their degree post-college is more just whining: It’s Communism. They, like Marx before them, want to attend school to “open their minds” and explore their possibilities; they believe they are vital to the success of the world; Communism is the most arrogant political philosophy to ever grace the face of the Earth for that very reason.

To connect the Left and Marxism is to simply look at who Marx wanted to be on top: Those like him that appreciated the finer things in life. So what if your neighbor works in the coal mine all day as you study Aristotle? You’re both going to make the same wage and wait in the same bread line anyways.

Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

To think we won the Cold War is the most ignorant idea anyone in America can have. Communism is here and has been here for decades; at this point, the Marxists don’t even need the Soviets to raid a small town to start their takeover (queue Red Dawn). Hot take: Marxism lives in American classrooms and the national government more than anywhere in the world. When was the last time you thought that the state doesn’t control the media? Your job? Your vote? Or even how you want to combat a climate crises?

Destroying the American Dream starts with the American family, and we’re going to take a look at that in Part II of Killing the American Dream. Population control and economic reliability is a basic and easy start to implementing revolution. They’ve been at it since the 1930s and they aren’t going to stop until we make them stop.

The biggest question that I ask myself is how to stop Marxism? How can we ensure our future and the future of our families? It starts with standing for our values and not backing down, no matter the cost. Masks and vaccines are the perfect opportunity for the Left to take away more of our individualism, but they forgot about the people like you and me, who won’t back down. Not because we aren’t capable, but because we are ungovernable. Not because we don’t love our neighbor, but because we love our neighbor like we love ourselves. Not because we love the American flag, but because we need the Gadsden to fly high. Forever.