The Kommiela White House announced via Press Secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki that it is “working with” Facebook to stop the spread of ‘disinformation’ on the social media giant surrounding the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ as case rates allegedly skyrocket thanks to the new ‘delta’ variant and vaccination rates fall flat despite the White House hitting its vaccination goal, which was low in the first place. Biden even let out from his demented state that Facebook was ‘killing’ people, likely believing he was saying it in his own head.

Naturally, the White House will likely ignore the disinformation that came out in the past 18 months such as Fauci saying masks are ineffective (which actually isn’t disinformation) in March of 2020, the head of the CDC saying there is no way a safe vaccine could be ready by December, Kommiela Harris saying she would not take a vaccine that was developed under the Trump administration, and Andrew Cuomo saying he would not allow a vaccine developed under Trump to be distributed within the state of New York. I guess he just wanted to kill more senior citizens.

This news came after months of the left telling the right that these social media platforms were private companies that could do whatever they wanted. This includes removing Trump for ‘inciting’ the ‘deadly insurrection’ on January 6th and removing right wing social media accounts, often for no apparent reason.

Sure, we don’t have free speech anymore, but at least the mean tweets are gone.

This was shortly followed by Parler being removed from all app stores and Amazon refusing to continue as the host for the young social media site, citing the apps alleged involvement in the planning of January 6th (which was more prevalent on Facebook than anywhere else).

Naturally, because the bootlickers loved what was happening to the enemies of their beloved elite, the moves were met with applause and great cheer, despite their inclinations to rail against big business and ‘dirty’ capitalists doing whatever they wanted when they wanted. Arguments that this violated the First Amendment were met with ‘it’s a private company.’

That sentiment is completely irrelevant, however, when the Kommiela administration begins working with these same private companies to get rid of what it claims to be misinformation. This would turn the White House into a Ministry of Truth to determine what is true and what is false (quickly imagine how fast Trump would have been impeached simply for thinking about taking such power). This is fascism. It is the equivalent to Mussolini making the trains run on time. The left and the neo-cons will obviously take it in stride to satisfy their overlords; sure, we don’t have free speech anymore, but at least the mean tweets are gone.  

Naturally, this comes on the heels of the Cuban government shutting off the internet while their citizenry marched in the streets chanting “freedom” and other anti-government sentiments. Of course, the tech giants and a plethora of government agents called out the move, but we all know the truth: They are jealous that they cannot do the same. It is something that they have undoubtedly been dreaming about since the internet first became mainstream. The elites want to follow in the footsteps of Cuba and countless other African countries and simply shut down the internet when the peasants get too rowdy. Of course, when they would turn the internet back on, it would look like the limited, extremely censored version that China puts out, and nothing like we see today, and it would probably never return for those they consider enemies of the state.

The elites deciding what is misinformation on social media apps is another step in making the pipedream that is shutting off the internet a reality. We can never let that become reality. May the Gadsden fly forever.