Arizona senator Krysten Sinema was chased into a bathroom by an illegal immigrant, among others, last week while at Arizona State University. They filmed her in the bathroom as they yelled at her the Democrat 2021 rallying cry “Build Back Better!” She was also (somehow) harassed on her flight back to Washington, D.C. This was all done in an attempt to try and to get her to change her swing vote to favor the $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill currently sitting in Congress that once included a provision creating a pathway to citizenship for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients.

Naturally, the politicians came out in support of Senator Sinema. It forced Senator Rand Paul to recount when his neighbor beat him up while Paul was just mowing his lawn, fracturing ribs. Representative Steve Scalise and others recalled when he and others were lucky to escape with their lives when a commie Bernie supporter opened fire on them while the prepared for the Congressional baseball game. Democrats seemed slow to want to condemn the harassment, as if they agreed with the individual for trying to get Sinema to change her vote. That’s because they do agree with the tactics. Whether it be getting in the face of people that simply disagree with them, the left uses these tactics all the time. The ends justify the means to them, even if it means a few congressmen have to get shot at or some random people at a restaurant get called racist or maybe even a police station burns down. These are all fair games to achieve the leftist agenda.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in a November 13, 1787 letter to William Smith while he served as the American Ambassador to France in Paris the famous words, “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Perhaps more importantly Jefferson asked Smith, “what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” Resistance can be accomplished without the violence that Jefferson and other Founding Fathers talked about in the rise to the Revolutionary War and the subsequent establishment of our republic many moons later. It is time that we take these harsh words to heart, just as the Left has done.

On the heels of the Attorney General Garland directing the Department of Justice to use its power to go after the alleged threats being made to schools and school boards that push critical race theory, it is clear these tactics, when used by the Right, have an effect. These school districts and their liberal teachers are used to being able to discuss whatever they wanted in their classrooms, parents too busy or uninterested in what their children learn on a daily basis. These communist institutions suddenly find themselves with someone not only looking over their shoulder at everything they say and do, but they also find their teaching openly questioned and even ridiculed. The DOJ coming to their defense shows that not only are the teachers and school boards suddenly scared, but the national teacher unions believe the voices of parents are undermining their agenda for America’s youth as the next wave of Marxist who will lean even further to the left than they do.

This push back, however, cannot stop with success at local school board meetings. It must spread throughout America as it has with Southwest airlines pilots who refuse to work for a company that requires its employees to be vaccinated.

They are scared of you simply because you are willing to speak up at a school board meeting. They were scared on January 6th because they got their house broken into. For too long the left has been the only ones willing to resort to some form of violence to assert their political agenda. They will openly lie about why thousands of flights were grounded in a weekend and the mainstream media and corporate giants are more than willing to cover it up for them. David French and the (terrorist organization) Lincoln Project have insisted on civility and open and honest discourse without resorting to ad hominin attacks. The time for that has idly passed them by without even stopping to ponder their very existence.

Bully them all: Left, Right, Democrat, Republican, politician, professor, or news organization, because it is what they would do the second they find out you are against their interests. Bully them because they are the elites or the enemy of the people. Bully them because it is what they deserve for getting in the way of our God given freedoms.

May the Gadsden Fly Forever.