Building today so there is hope for tomorrow

I know. I know we’ve dropped off the face of the earth as of late. There are a lot of reasons, all of them valid, true, and honorable. I haven’t felt right leaving y’all out to dry without any reason of absence, though. I think about it everyday. How many people have grown to enjoy our words and our thoughts; it’s always humbling. Nevertheless, this is my first attempt at reconnecting and ensuring that the Rebellion is alright.

I’ll be as vague while being direct as I can be to provide the most high-level reasons for each of our silences:

  • Publius is now a father and upcoming home owner
  • Justinian finished another semester of law school (he has kept us alive on Twitter; shoutout to our Roman Emperor)
  • Vic is already an enigma, now fathering two children and growing the Plantation
  • Rex is attempting to run a small business for the first time
  • As for myself, the list is legitimately endless; both professionally and personally

As I’ve thought about each of us at The Gadsden Press and what we all want to achieve in our lives, I know this platform is near the top, but not above our families. We are living in the most divisive and uncertain time in the history of mankind, and not working our asses off to ensure our families’ certain freedom and livelihood is at least given a chance is the absolute least honorable thing we could each do. What is tomorrow without hope?


There is nowhere to begin with my evaluation and guidance of what we are witnessing across the planet, and I don’t intend to provide one here today (I will next time, I promise). I do know that much of what we’ve discussed and broken into at TGP and the Whiskey Rebellion has come true. I do know that today I feel like we’re on the comeback as of late, that the tide has been turning. Disney, Twitter, Roe v Wade… It feels like there’s something coming. It feels like we might finally breakthrough the culture war after decades of misery…

But they’re going to come back.

Claw back.

Kill to have their world back.

They’re not going to stop until they have their way and we have to live with it.


The older I get the more I see that we are raised to be anything and groomed by the government and cabal to be what they say we can be. That’s the threat of this great nation against the millennia that came before us: The opportunity to turn the tide against evil. Against demons. Against Hell itself.

It’s going to get uglier and I’m going to get more tired, but we can’t leave y’all behind. We need all of you and we need everyone. We still haven’t reached the darkest of the dark, but having some sunlight at the dawn has given hope to the pessimists like me.

Win or lose today, we have to do everything we can so tomorrow is open to those we leave behind. We have to give our children, grandchildren, and ultimately ourselves the chance to fly the Gadsden forever.