I’ll admit it: The elites got to us. They hammered the economy and diminished reality, forcing the rebels here at The Gadsden Press and Whiskey Rebellion into overdrive, and our efforts here don’t lead to income to help us fight them 1:1. We all went deeper into our day jobs and families, preparing everything we have true control over with as much detail and foundation as possible. I don’t take anything away from the team here: We had to do it. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more important than your faith, family, and friends, and the elites are doing everything that they can to destroy all three. They need us alone. To dismantle a rock, start taking hits of it. If you can’t get it to break, bring out the sledgehammer and force it into submission.

Past and Present

Pausing the press, covering up the equipment at 1794 Studios, silencing the Twitter feeds… It wasn’t easy to do. We didn’t want to do it, but I knew we couldn’t give everyone everything that we had and anything less than that isn’t the Gadsden way. It’s not right. Is it fair to put that on ourselves? Probably not. But we’re generally reasonable men living in an unreasonable time. The clock was ticking to get ahead of impending economic perils and we’ve all done just that; laying down deeper roots and watering more trees.

Still, it’s not something that I decided we’d do overnight. When Russia invaded the Ukraine and inflation skyrocketed, I had to take some personal time away from this space. It was my final blow. I’ve lived, eaten, and breathed politics and political philosophy for as long as I remember and, over time, it took a toll on my physical and mental health. TGP didn’t help anything and, at the urging of Mrs. Benevolus, decided we needed to lay low for awhile until I could think straight again. Until I could absorb this world again. It took some time, but we’re finally there. We’re ready to strap up.

A Year of Reckoning

When I look back at everything we’ve missed, it’s a shame we had to hit overdrive when we did; funny how that always works, isn’t it? Freedom and liberty advocates across the country garnering larger voices after being proved right time and time again about Covid, Ukraine, shell companies, election fraud, economic outlooks… the list continues on and on. Any time we begin to come together, the powers that be rip the opportunity back out from under us. First they killed the 2020 election, and then helped slow the Red Wave of 2022. Can the elites, these societal, utopian tyrants ever be trounced? Stopped forever? That much is unclear, but it is clear that it’s time for The Gadsden Press to run it back, especially ahead of November 2024. Especially with the eyes of the world turning to us and wondering what we’re going to do. If we have what it takes. If we are still the world’s superpower or just another empire on it’s final breath.

Preparing for War

I’ve said it before many times on the Press and the podcast but if you don’t understand where we truly are in history then our content is going to be too far over your head, especially now. Especially as we look to move forward, past the everyday and every week chaos of news cycles and towards the bigger picture; the real pieces at stake. None of it is hard to find, just difficult to connect and understand.

That’s where I know we are the best; this is what sets us apart: What does it all really mean? We’re going to be doing this together.

Our promise as we embark on chapter 2 of this journey is to tell you when we may need a minute to gather ourselves again. We want to continue being raw, authentic curators of the truth for everyone who comes across our media. I can’t promise we’ll have all of the solutions and answers. I know that. I’ve spent a lot of time accepting that we can only do so much in the end. That we can only encourage, educate, and build right now.

That’s okay. I can accept it.

What I can’t accept is leaving our audience out in the cold again, wondering if we’re coming back. Letting all of you down. I can’t accept giving everyone everything that we have. I can’t accept not taking as many of you with us as we can.

We want to earn you back; don’t just let us into your lives again. Read before you think. Think before you listen. Listen before you make your decision. If you believe we’re giving you our all, we’d love to be a part of your rebellion again.

Because maybe we are in the end times, destined to see the skies open and Revelations come to light. Or maybe we’re at the end of the world’s most infamous nation, her dying breath upon us, bring her with us as she goes…

But maybe we have another chance. Another shot at bringing liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness back; establish it as it was always meant to be.

Wherever we go, wherever we end up, we’d love to do it with no one other than you.

Welcome back, y’all. Get strapped or get clapped.

May the Gadsden Fly Forever.