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Benevolus of the Gadsden Press

Benevolus Franklin

Founder | Editor-in-Chief of The Gadsden Press

Co-Founder of 1794 Studios

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Benevolus believes, “Freedom is never free, but the cost of freedom requires more than life. It requires societal sacrifice and total commitment to a set of values.” Speaking of the United States, Benevolus didn’t mince words, stating, “The U.S. is a country built on lies, yet a country that has changed the world in more ways than anyone can deny. To represent America and rebuild its potential, it will take more than politicians or leaders: it will take revolution. A revolution of the political, educational, class, and racial tensions that plague every facet of American life. People are going to have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, throwing aside their personal agendas for an agenda that will lead us back to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

As Founder of TGP, Benevolus thinks often of those who he considers to be the root of his and the Gadsden’s inspiration; among those are the late Rush Limbaugh, Harriet Tubman, Glenn Greenwald, and many others.

“To thoroughly understand who these ferocious and unrelenting giants are and were, you have to get down to what motivated them and what they sought in return. Patriots are people like Edward Snowden or General George Patton who have seen the world for what it is and seek to return the balance to freedom, not new world order globalists like George W. or Dan Crenshaw.”

Benevolus says he was once a smitten Conservative-Republican who saw party over freedom. He doesn’t seek to sway anyone one way or other; he believes America’s fate is far beyond voting a party line. The Chief just wants you to think on your own and seek freedom and liberty before you seek anything else.

Benevolus resides with his wife, cat, and dog.

You can email to contact Benevolus directly or follow him on Twitter for instant updates.

Twitter: @real_benevolus

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