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Publius Hamilton of the Gadsden Press

Publius Hamilton

Director of Propaganda

Executive Producer of 1794 Studios

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Publius believes, “One must give whatever it takes to have freedom. Freedom must be protected, fought for, and handed down to the next generations.” As Ronald Reagan stated, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.” The name Publius is believed to be derived from the same root as “populus” or “publicus”, meaning “the people” or “of the people”. As such, Publius argues America is no longer what it was once thought to be. America was supposed to be a nation that was founded for all people, providing them with inalienable rights and freedoms. Now, Publius believes it will take all people of the United States, regardless of race, class, or political affiliation to create change. “The United States of America was a nation founded by the people, for the people, and can undoubtedly be restored by the people.”

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Twitter: @tgppublius

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