The Gadsden Press has been quite the process.

Trying to build this site with the vision, compassion, and perseverance that we wanted took much longer than we had ever anticipated. We truly believed when this project was first started five years ago that by now we’d be in full swing.

But, such is life. As time marched on, The Gadsden Press (and its contributors) have gone through extreme political reformation and ideologies. The very vision of this site has drastically changed, too. No longer do we seek to dive into the everyday rhetoric seen in the MSM. Rather, we seek to hear everyone out. We seek to listen to every side of the political and ideological spectrum. We only ask one rule of our contributors: To write the truth. The truth seems so far away, especially today, and as long as The Gadsden Press never loses sight of the truth, we can bring the conversation further and further back to reality.

Reality is what re-ignited this project. This quest. In late September, as the election process was getting down to the wire, we couldn’t watch and be silent as lies, corruption, and misdirections poured in from every which way. Re-born The Gadsden Press has become. On the morrow of the 2020 Election, with no winner and beyond-questionable practices happening before our eyes, we knew it was time for the world to meet The Gadsden Press.

And so, as we stand to begin our quest of re-discovering the truth of the Western world, it is November 4, 2020. One day after the most hostile election in American history. Regardless of the outcome, 11/4 is the first day for new opportunities and new conversations. It is a day for new beginnings and new outcomes. We look forward to the journey ahead and hope you join us for the ride.

May the Gadsden fly forever.