It’s time to face reality, the President of the United States is a Chinese puppet

January 20, 2021. A day that will live in infamy for anyone who truly loves America. At approximately noon, at a mostly virtual event at the United States Capitol that could best be described as eerily similar to the Hunger Games, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., a lifelong profiteer of the American people and Chinese sympathizer, was sworn in as the 46th President.

As he stumbled through the words of the oath of office, the peaceful transition of power transitioned America away from an American First agenda, energy independence and free speech, and into a Chinese First, American Last agenda and what could quite possibly be the end of free speech in a country that was founded upon that basic principle. When China Joe then turned and faced America, he made farce calls for unity.

His executive actions that followed that speech have put our children at risk in public restrooms, killed 70,000+ American jobs, and this is only the beginning. To top it off, with what we know now about Dominion voting systems and late night ballot dumps in swing states, it appears as though China Joe is nothing more than a mere puppet of an elitist, globalist coup that has overtaken America against the will of its people. 

May God help us All.