How the Left infiltrated, motivated, and will now dominate America.

Let’s go back about 20 years. After the GOP decided to–for whatever reason–impeach Bill Clinton, they somehow had a legit chance to defeat VP Gore. Through the madness of Florida and electoral votes, George W. Bush came out on the other end, having defeated the wanna-be-king Al Gore. In my opinion, it’s easy to see why and how W. won: The GOP was still coming out of the days of old, not accepting any sort of promiscuity from the White House that Gore was a part of. Middle America couldn’t accept a President who defended adultery, and W. capitalized on this sentiment.

Now, fast-forward to the Obama re-election. While creating a poor public-health plan and not doing anything of note for the economy, he was a fairly certain shoe-in for 2012 against the white Obama, Mitt Romney. Still well liked. Still put together. Always good at speaking to his audience. Yet, clear voting fraud was in the open, as Ohio and Pennsylvania, two of the three mega-swing-states, experienced ballot stuffing, dead people voting, and insane voting percentages from extremely urban areas (why was it always an urban area, and why was it always for the DNC nominee?) There was virtually no reason for the Left to commit voter fraud for President Obama. Yet, there they were, ensuring the swing states weren’t going to be in question.

At this point you should be asking yourself, “Well, what about 2016?” This one hinges on an arrogance unseen in American politics since FDR decided to name himself king. 2016 was no fluke because Hillary wanted it done her way. Obama spying on the Trump campaign relays one message to me: He knew no one was giving Trump a chance, he relatively always connected to how the average American felt about things, so he tried to take it into his own hands since Hillary wouldn’t. Hillary, so confident of herself, never told anyone to get the job done. She never told anyone to make sure there was no question. After all, it was President Obama who endorsed her by saying there had never been a more qualified candidate for the presidency in American history (least we forget our first four presidents, I suppose). Her (and the entire DNC + Hollywood) extreme out-of-touchness to the swing states was her downfall, and Trump’s expertise. Hillary’s outright arrogance and election strategy was straight out of her mentor’s book; that was, until Trump threw it right back in her face.

The DNC once again took a play straight from Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals” and instantly created the greatest hoax in American history: Russia. They were out of options and rather than step-back, relentlessly attacked Trump as a Russian asset. His supporters, already in hiding because of the insane allegations of their beloved president, had to stay back and watch as he took on the entire DNC, MSM, parts of the GOP, and the deep-state. Trump never quit. Partially because of his own stubbornness, also because of his drive to win and to win for the people. Yet, as the election had drawn closer and closer, the story of Russia grew fainter and fainter. The DNC knew what they were doing. They have all along. All they needed was the inept, pointless, spineless USPS to get the job done. Once again, we’ve witnessed the greatest hoax in American history.

Before 2000, the average Democrat and the average Republican could argue but still shake hands afterwards. The hatred of the Left towards the Right began in December 2000, when Bush was named the presidential nominee. A potential reign of 12 straight years was over. No longer were there friends of a different cloth, but sworn enemies by the thread. 9/11 forced the Left back into the stratosphere for a short time, but the game was all ready under way. There is no common ground, no middle for us to shake hands on. The Left’s hatred for the Right took full-swing after W. once again defied their odds in 2004. The Left infiltrated and mobilized the internet, pop culture, and the education system. These were all things that were readily available, but by the time the internet was in everyone’s lives, social media was booming, and the indoctrination of the youth was in full-swing, out came freshman Senator Obama.

The Right’s hatred for the Left varies. You still have old-school GOP members who, for whatever INSANE reason, believe America can be found again. You also have a large faction of Christians, Catholics, and other religions that seek to find answers in their faith. I’m not against that at all. Neither do I think that is a bad thing, but I’ve had a theory for a long, long time that we are IN the end times now. I don’t know how it can be seen any differently. Look at the bull shit, the violence, the intolerance the other side of the aisle believes in. They want the Right to die. I’m not saying there aren’t those on the Right that believe the same thing or that don’t have massive problems, but the racism, arrogance, and evil exist day-in and day-out because of the Left.

And that’s why we’re here for our second day of purgatory. With all of the technology our nation boasts, somehow we are no closer today than November 3rd to knowing who will be the President of the United States. It’s not without reason, of course. Think about this: To orchestrate a multi-state attempt at a fraudulent election had to have taken YEARS to plan. No, not just the last four. Think about the last 20. Why is it so sloppy? Because once again the “pollsters” got it wrong (there will be a future post about a clear theory behind this) and the passion and perseverance of Trump supporters was much larger than anticipated once again (I also don’t think they were completely ready to at-scale slaughter democracy; it came up on them faster than anticipated. More on that in the future). So, how do you mass-produce a false election? Get ahead of it and politicize it, just like Saul Alinksy said.

  • Create a problem out of nothing (COVID-19)
  • Get the candidates who stand the best chance (Biden/Harris)
  • Be ready to go on the offensive as soon as the time comes
  • Disavow anything your opponent says

The Left KNEW “Russian interference” wasn’t going to work again. So, to play the game, they played the long one and the one they could control directly: Encourage mail-in-voting. Encourage early voting. Count the urban areas last (can’t question this or you’re a racist) and make sure the majority of the votes come from those areas (can’t question this or you’re a racist). If it all works and Biden wins, Trump’s attacks and lawsuits will be nothing but whispers to the DNC. If Trump wins, what ammunition WON’T the DNC use? I see no other truth than the evolution and takeover as being complete. We live under tyranny from the political ideals of a mobster.

Maybe it’s our own fault for laughing so hysterically the last four years? Maybe we should’ve asked the President to tone-down his Twitter, his attacks, his bold claims? Maybe we should’ve feared COVID, enacted gun laws, limited the First Amendment? I don’t know the answer. But I do know this: President Trump stole an election from the DNC in 2016 by winning the way he knew was right and fair. He defended his citizens from foreign threats and sought to bring prosperity to as many Americans as he could. He defended his supporters and some of his enemies. He’s done what a president should do. He could have done more, sure. Sometimes he should’ve done less. President Trump reminded us and showed us he was human. The DNC is just reminding us that they are not. This kiss of death is near for our 2020 election and our once great nation. There’s little left to decide and nowhere else to hide.

Join, or die.