The First Part of Fighting Back is to Accept Our Reality

The America many once knew is no longer. The economic giant and global power has been slowly weakening and is taking blow after blow, falling onto weak knees. It is not easy to believe nor easy to understand, but it is happening right in front of our eyes. The values of our once mighty democratic-republic are no longer, buried with our Forefathers forever.

It’s a reality that keeps me up late into the night.

You may be wondering, “How can this be?” How can the values and ideals we were built upon be gone forever? The answer, while never crystal clear, has been with us for decades: The Communists, Socialists, and ultimately the Leftists have been slowly chipping away at the principles this country was founded upon since before the first World War.

You see it all over the United States; the slogan “In God We Trust.” There may be theories about the founding of this country and the purpose of America as a whole, but it appeared to always be rooted in the Lord, in the words from the Bible. The way America flourished from its founding all the way through the 20th century was astounding. It seemed that the idea of America was not only an idea, but a magnificent success. The United States became a global superpower. From the farmers in the Revolutionary War to the “Back-to-Back World War Champs.”

I believe the reason America flourished was because the country was founded in the very name of the Lord. That is why our slogan is “In God We Trust.” Similar to that of Ancient Israel, there was a form of “covenant” that America had with God and she was blessed unlike the other countries in the world. As long as we kept our focus on the Lord and did not stray, we would be blessed as a country.

Has America strayed too far from God?

I was recently reading some interesting literature about the attacks on September 11, 2001. While devastating to this country, could it have been a warning sign to America to return to God and not continue down a separate path? I struggle with this, because I believe in a God that shows love, kindness, and compassion and would not permit such acts. However, He is also the ultimate Judge and Jury and He is Just. He does love all of his children, but he will also determine our righteousness and if we can stand beside Him for the rest of eternity.

I of course do not know the specific answers, but if America has indeed been warned by God, we did not listen a single bit. I say this speaking as a whole country, not of the individuals within the country. Look at society today; there is so much sin around the world and it is almost taken as just “normal.” Things like sexual immorality is all over every form of media now. Being Christian almost seems to put a target on the back because you “hate gays” (for me and millions of others this is not or ever will be the case). Hell, people aren’t allowed to convene in church anymore because of the “virus” but rioters can ravage cities and burn businesses to the ground. It is “Conservative propaganda” to say “One nation, under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I write this to show that America is trending down the wrong path faster than it can comprehend. People are fed the lies and propaganda about the hate in America, when it is really people like us who are hated, not the other way around. We are hated simply for having our beliefs and sticking to them, without conforming to the societal “norms” others believe we should accept. America will no longer be the country it was without drastically changing it. I truly do not know if America can be saved, but I do know one thing:

We must continue the fight to restore it. We must stand for what we know is right. It may take years, even decades, but we must fight. Join or Die.

May the Gadsden Fly Forever.