Do you remember when George W. Bush threw out the first pitch in Game 3 of the 2001 World Series with 55,000+ fans in the stands chanting “USA! USA! USA!”? It seems like a lifetime ago that our country was filled with such patriotism and national pride… It’s only been 20 years.

During the 2020 election year, one of President Trump’s campaign agendas was talking about what life would be like in “Biden’s America.” Unsurprisingly, President Trump was spot on. While it is a different America we live in compared to 2001, I believe it would be better called the “Leftist America.” That, however, is beside the point.

Cancel America?

We see today an era of “cancel culture,” but only when the Left has something to gain from it. Anyone else remember Justin Trudeau wearing blackface? It clearly wasn’t enough for him to lose his position. Yet, The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison “steps aside” (I’m sure he wanted to) for simply wanting to hear all parties out and denouncing cancel culture. Notice a difference? One is a liberal and the other was denouncing something supported by liberals, even though there was no affiliation to political parties or factions. Both had to do with sensitive racial topics, yet had very different outcomes.

You may see that and still not be convinced. Maybe this is an isolated occurrence? Definitely not. How about some more evidence?

Let’s look at the Democratic Party pressuring major broadcasting companies to remove news networks such as Fox News because of the threat posed by “misinformation and conspiracy theories.” How convenient that the news networks under attack would be the ones with dissenting opinions of those on the Left. And listen, I am not going to say all these networks are providing the 100% truth (aside from us here at TGP), but the silencing of other’s opinions goes against all the Left claims to be “against,” though we all know where they really stand.

Now let’s take a look at Oregon and the happenings there, shall we? Things have been ongoing for some time now, but I am sure that is not as well known as the infamous “armed insurrection” from January 6th, 2021. Can you imagine getting attacked for simply flying an American flag on the back of your truck while driving down the road? What about attacking the state capitol in Salem? They were well armed for their attacks. Antifa is fighting fascism with fascism, because you better agree with them or else face the consequences. The Left not only does nothing regarding these acts, they label them as “peaceful protests”. New Attorney General Merrick Garland believes that the attacks on the Federal Courthouse in Portland, OR are not considered domestic terrorism because they occurred “after hours,” when the courthouse was closed.

COVID Control

I think that this has been said many times before, but the Left is clearly all about control. Look no further than the “pandemic” that has scourged America this last year. We were first told we should social distance, but will not need masks. Then we had to wear masks and stay inside for a few weeks to “slow the curve.” Now the masks have never left. There were those who believed this to be a front to take control over the people. We warned everyone that the next step would be a vaccination, and ultimately accompanying paperwork to prove you still have your rights. We were called conspiracy theorists and “right-wing GQPers”. How do we sound now?

Fast forward to today, we have states like Florida that never enforced a mask mandate doing better in regards to COVID than states with the most strict mandates. States like Texas removed the mask mandate and saw the numbers trending downward in the first month. Yet Fauci will still have you believe that a spike is coming and it will “take a few weeks to tell.” We are over a year into this and Biden now says only vaccinated Americans can celebrate Independence Day in the United States. Think about that. The GOVERNMENT is telling us not to celebrate the day we declared ourselves independent from the tyrannical government of Britain. Perfect irony.

Fight the Good Fight

I could go on and on about how the Left is pushing their narrative and removing the opinions of those who disagree. Look at the MLB (and other businesses) under pressure from Joe Biden for the “Jim Crow” law in Georgia (more on this next week via Episode 9 of the Whiskey Rebellion).

I joined The Gadsden Press because it is a place that, while having “right-wing” tendencies, has a yearning to hear all sides. We understand we may not agree, even with one another, but the respect shown for differing opinions is not something you will see in today’s America. People with differing opinions from the majority are scared to share the opinions because of the potential backlash from the other side. I get it. It is easier to live in comfort, but we have to fight. It has become the common theme for myself, and ultimately why I joined TGP. We have to fight the good fight and let our voices be heard.

I don’t know if the Gadsden will fly forever, but as long as The Gadsden Press stands amongst giants, we’ll never let it fall.