President Trump was back in action June 26 in Wellington, Ohio to show support for several Republicans running for Congress including Max Miller-who is running a primary challenge against Representative Anthony Gonzalez (OH-16), who voted to impeach President Trump for his alleged involvement in the so-called “armed insurrection” on January 6th.

In Wellington, Trump campaigned the way he did in 2016.

President Trump was in his classic form, showing why millions and millions grew to love him and had turned out to vote for him in November 2020. He talked about the disastrous trade deals with China and Mexico, putting the American worker last. How Biden had destroyed American energy independence and turned it over to Russia. How Biden welcoming illegal migrants into the country resulted in a flood of ‘millions and millions’ coming to the Southern border, contrary to the numbers the fake news media only reported as being in the thousands. How Big Tech tyranny was working to keep the voices of the everyday American silenced.

In Wellington, Trump campaigned the way he did in 2016. Shining a bright light (the brightest of lights, the best light) on the problems he saw in America and across the world and how he would work to fix them. “Build that wall” and Make America Great Again will be etched into textbooks for the coming decades. This version of Trump was the version he needed to be in 2020 to win.

Of course, the left, the media, the Deep State, and just about every other entity in the United States and probably across the world led by the elites conspired to ‘fortify’ the election, but I still believe that Trump could have won again despite everything against him if he had continued to offer solutions. Unfortunately, the route he took was to shine a light on things that needed fixed without offering any real solutions, instead opting to play the blame game. This works when you are on the outside looking in, as he was in 2016, but not when you have been the most powerful person in the world for four years. People begin to see you as someone that cannot get things done.

Moving forward, hopefully President Trump will continue to shine the brightest of lights on the things wrong with this country and help any candidates he endorses offer solutions to those problems, and maybe offer up his own solutions once again in 2024. If so, then maybe the Gadsden can fly forever.