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From the desk of Benevolus.

I’ve wanted to share my voice as long as I can remember.

I’ve always had strong opinions, blunt reactions, and careful analysis, but I wanted to be like the giants: Rush, Glenn, hell way back in the day even Anderson Cooper. I wanted the world to listen and respond and debate and grow. I used to believe that I had the ability to bring unlike opinions together. When I first planted the seeds of The Gadsden Press, this was the idea; our “About” and “Contact” pages still reflect this.

Then 2020 happened.

The beginning of the end for the American way. The complete take-over of the institutions of every part of life.

The Coronavirus. The lies, deception, and tyranny that continue to follow.

The completion of the Leftist takeover on November 4th, when our confirmation of election fraud was in front of our own faces.

Least we forget the undeniable and system-shaking insurrection of January 6th.

2020 changed me. It changed the vision I have for my future children and of TGP (aka, my first child) forever. In many ways, the fix was in long before 2020 for myself and TGP, but the year flipped the script forever. I officially launched TGP on November 4th, 2020 and worked for three months to gather-up the resources and infrastructure to send us to the moon.

One part of TGP’s future was obvious: I wasn’t going to be able to do it alone. Publius joined me first, Justinian next, then Rex, and most recently Vic. Like dominos falling, the lines and the story was forming. But, there was something missing from the fold, something that could one day send us over the top. Something that longed to see the light of day. We can sit and write all we want, but not everyone likes to read the analysis of anarchist madmen. That’s when Publius and I founded 1794 Studios and launched the Whiskey Rebellion podcast.

The Whiskey Rebellion is essentially Publius navigating listeners through my tirade of thoughts and opinions on subjects we find most volatile to our future as a species on this Earth. Yes it’s explicit. Yes it’s a maze. And yes, it’s a dream come true. Firing up the studio on Tuesday nights and sending our voices further into the ethers of the web brings a thrill I’ve never felt before and one I’d invite anyone to join. Seriously. If you want to be on the podcast? Let’s get you on.

That’s the goal of 1794 Studios–to find Americans like yourself who don’t have a platform to say what you really want to with a badass pseudonym and your rage released from your fingertips or behind an edited voice. Bring a friend on. Bring a family member on. We want to see 1794 Studios become a place for people to gather and exchange and share ideas rather than debate them. Fuck all that. 2020 ruined debates. Stand your ground and say it with your chest.

Soon enough, we will be launching our second podcast, Loose Cannon Tavern, where the members of TGP shoot the shit and tell some jokes. It’s going to be a fun one to listen to and I look forward to hearing the feedback (especially when Vic and I start disagreeing on things people on the Right normally don’t disagree on).

As we grow 1794 Studios, we will grow The Gadsden Press. But we need your help. We don’t want money or fanfare–but we need your devoted support and your voice. Continue to press that share button, like our Tweets, and listen to the podcasts. We can’t do this without those who join the cause. If you promise to help us, we’ll promise to keep leading the fight every way we can. Just last week we were ranked number 61 on a list of the Top 70 Conservative Political Blogs on the internet by Feedspot; news we are both excited about and determined by because we won’t stop until we’re number 1. To get to number 1 we need to join with you and other Conservatives, Libertarians, and Anarchists to fuck the system. It still feels like we’re getting thrown deeper and deeper into the fire, but the comeback will be one you can be a part of. Don’t stop fighting and don’t stop pushing your limits of what you feel is comfortable.

Don’t go quietly into that good night.

May the Gadsden Fly Forever.