Tyranny In-Action

Most of us (of course, more than we would care to admit) have maxed out a credit card. Maybe it was that one time in college when your checking account was in overdraft and you wanted something besides ramen for dinner, or a time in adulthood when you were plagued with a large, unexpected expense. Regardless, maxing out a credit card is a gut wrenching feeling of succumbing to the necessity of debt, which is a feeling most Americans in 2021 know all too well.

President Joe Biden is running America like a broke college student maxing out their credit card. Of course, this should be no surprise as Biden (whom has the fortitude of a toothpick), is being strung along into a spending spree by the reckless pressure cooker that is the United States Congress. Filled with gems like AOC, Rashida Talib, Chuck Schumer and the Wicked Witch of Washington (Nancy), the Democratic Party is promoting their typical reckless spending agenda that has plagued this country since the mid-1990’s.

biden is a nwo puppet
United States President Joe Biden appears to be lost in a sea of fading thought as he prepares to dodge a question from reporters.

What’s even worse is that President Biden, who is without question losing his mental capacity at rapid speeds, refuses to answer any questions of substance. Instead, Biden passes the buck to smarter sounding folks like Janet Yellen, former Obama-era FED Chair and current US Treasury Secretary, who has no choice but to lie straight to Americans and downplay the fears of an impending inflation crisis.

Tough Roads Ahead

Don’t believe me? Have you been driving on the roads? Gas has nearly doubled since Biden took office in late January. Have you started any home improvement projects lately? The average time to have an in-ground pool installed in your backyard is now 18 months in most places around the country. Yes, the economy has been impacted by the coronavirus, but it’s only getting worse. The price of materials has skyrocketed to counter the negative effects of a depleted workforce and rising taxes under an administration that cares more about spending than maintaining the programs that we currently have. Don’t expect the spending spree to end anytime soon. With a Democratic run House, Senate, and Executive branch, it looks like the expiration date on this credit line (God willing) is 2022. May the Gadsden fly forever.